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Our Bahamas dive sites. Which dive sites you dive will be dependant upon the weather and the group's desires. They will normally do a shallow scuba dive on Saturday in the Freeport area, before departing to one or more of the other areas of the Bahamas.


1) Ann's Paradise - A 40' to 50' patch reef. This has vibrant corals and sponges.

2) Blair House - A huge tongue & grove reef that starts at 50' and drops down to the sand in 90'.

3) Ethridge Wreck - A 125' ferry sunk in 45' of water. It is surrounded by patch coral.

4) Lucayan Caves - Grid line coral with 15' profile starting at 50' and dropping down to 90'. Numerous sharks and large schools of fish.

5) Sea Star - This 200' freighter lies in 90' of water. It is broken in the middle allowing fish easy access to its interior. There is always large grouper in or around the wreck. Schools of grunts & snapper hide in the wreck while schools of jacks swim above it.

6) Shark Junction - Caribbean reef sharks cruising over this reef. This site also has a number of large snapper and was the location of our first lionfish sighting.

7) Theo's Wreck - A 230' fully intact wreck lying with the rudder next to the wall. The top is at 65' and the bottom is at 110'. There is a friendly large Green Moray that likes to be fed plus several Spotted Morays. A large colony of Orange Cup Corals is under the bow. See if you can find where Theo's is burned into the wreck.

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#2-West End

The Gulf Stream runs along these reefs bringing in clear offshore water as well as many pelagics.

1) El Capitan - The reef drops from 50' to 90' with up to 40' heads. There are many swim throughs and over hangs. Large schools of fish including pompano frequent the reef. We have seen larger hammerheads and tiger sharks.

2) El Dorado - This reef has lots of reef sharks. The large coral heads rise 40' off the 90' bottom.

3) Mt Olympus - A large coral pinnacle rich with Orange Elephant Ear Sponges, Black Coral and delicate gorgonians, rises out of the deep blue. It goes from 90' on the inside to 60' on top before dropping into the Gulf Stream. There is a profusion of crevices and small undercuts. Sharks are frequently seen here.

4) Sugar Wreck - The wreck of an old sailing ship in 20' of water. It sank while carrying sugar from the Caribbean. Many Yellow Stingrays, Southern Stingrays, pufferfish and lots of crabs live on this wreck. It is also known for it's resident Loggerhead Turtle that is frequently adorned by Remoras.

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#3-Bimini/Cat Cay

1) Bimini Road - Also known as the road to Atlantis. This 20' dive is made up of large rectangular stones on a sandy bottom. Many people believe it to be man made, possibly a road from the lost city of Atlantis. You will be surprised by the richness of marine life. It makes a great snorkel or dive.

2) Bull Run - The sight of Blackbeard's Shark Dive but it would be a nice dive even without sharks. The coral grows on high mounds with swim throughs and overhangs. Azure Vase Sponges sprout in many locations. We feed the sharks a chumsicle (a frozen block of fish). The shark feeding is done on a flat sandy area with a tall coral ridge on one side and sea grass meadow on the other. In addition to the Caribbean Reef and Nurse Sharks there are Black Groupers, Gray Angelfish and Yellowtail Snappers waiting for the food.

3) Hesperus - Also known as the turtle wreck. It has numerous loggerhead turtles, barracudas, sting rays, nurse sharks and occasionally you see other types of sharks. It is visited by many pelagics, kingfish, mackerel, pompano, permit and cobia. Large schools of snapper and grunts. It lies in 15' of water.

4) Moray Alley - A 50' dive with coral spurs arranged on a white sand bottom. Diving here is like turning the pages of a reef fish identification book. In many places the heads of Star Coral have skirts of bright orange and yellow where boring sponges have invaded their interiors.

5) Nodules - This wall dive is a high energy treat. The wall starts at 70' and drops into the Gulf Stream. At 120' there are overhangs and arches which are covered with deepwater sea fans and enormous Orange Elephant Ear Sponges.

6) Sapona - The wreck of a concrete Liberty ship lies in 18' of water. Encrusting corals and sponges color the sides of the ship in a bright array of colors. You will find lobster and scorpionfish in the sand under the hull. In the wreckage near the middle are a large variety of fish and several types of eels. The stern with its large prop and schools of fish makes an excellent spot for wide angle photos. In the sand and rubble surrounding the ship you will finds rays and several types of fish including Flying Gurnards.

7) Victory Reef - A five mile long reef with many dive sites. A sloping reef starting at 30' and sloping to 80'. Many caves and overhangs. It is on the edge of the Gulf Stream, so it attracts many pelagics. Some of the dive sights along this reef are Blue Chromis, Rainbow Valley, Cathedral, Sponge Gardens and Tuna Alley.

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#4-Gingerbread Grounds

An exposed area northeast of Bimini accessible only in calm seas. These sites are 30 miles from the nearest land.

1) Anchor Wreck - The wreck of an old steamer with several anchors in 15' of water. Very colorful because it is so shallow. Many varieties of fish, crabs and other crustaceans.

2) Dark Star and Swiss Cheese - These are 50' reefs with 35' tall coral heads. Many caves and swim thrus. On night dives you will see numerous Basket Stars, all types of shrimp, large clinging crabs, octopus, file clams. There are many varieties of large gorgonians, sea fans, tunicates and hard corals. Swiss Cheese has a large stand of white telesto.

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#5-Orange Cay/Riding Rocks

This remote area 50 nm south of Bimini is only accessible in calm weather.

1) Grade A - A tight forest of rocky mounds, coral heads and ridges. The coral growth is so thick and marine life so abundant the reef appears virtually untouched. It begins at 50' with mounds and ridges sloping to 80'. (Shirley Vanderbilt).

2) Antler - It is an unusual dive for the Bahamas because the main feature is an enormous bed of Staghorn Coral in 60'. Nestled among the long, golden brown branches are giant Caribbean anemones with Pederson cleaner shrimp. There are also several tall stands of Pillar Coral. This is a fairly unusual sight in much of the Caribbean. There were several cleaning stations where Neon Gobies were cleaning Tiger Groupers.

3) Fantastic - A large sloping reef starting at 60' and sloping to 100'. As close to virgin diving as you can get. A prolific reef, abundant sponges, hard and soft corals. Unusual corallimorphs, a large variety of fish that are not used to divers.

4) Dolphin Playground - An area where you can normally snorkel with Spotted Dolphin.

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#6-Eastern Grand Bahama

1) Black Pearl Reef - A 60' patch reef next to the filming location of Pirate's of the Caribbean.

2) Fakeout - A tongue & grove reef that runs from 45' to 85'. Tall pillars of coral and large swim-throughs.

3) Strawberry Fields - An area of large coral heads in 50' of water.

4) Wet Head - A 10' to 25' high profile patch reef. Large schools of fish congregate around staghorn coral.

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1) Bethel Channel - A labyrinth of corals in 50'. One group discovered an unusual cleaning station here. At a large Star Coral three different fish, two juvenile spanish hogfish, two bluehead wrasse and a small pack of sharknose gobies were cleaning a school of creole wrasse that were standing vertically on their heads.

2) Potomac - A wreck of a cargo steamer in a reef at 20'. The variety of life on this shallow reef is amazing. Everyone comes up talking about something different. A list of one group was octopus, lobster, a nurse shark, rainbow parrotfish, doctorfish, hermit crabs, arrowcrabs, soldierfish, squid and several spotted morays.

3) Lady Moore - A wreck in 80' of water. It has attracted a substantial fish population.

4) Apples - A wall starting at 50'. It features a profusion of Black Corals starting at 60' that really get thick as the wall drops vertically at 90'.

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#8-The Berries

1) Sea Gardens - It starts in 15' and drops off to 40' before rising and then dropping to 90' and then slopes off to the wall. Many pelagics such as Eagle Rays and Kingfish. Many eels including Spotted Morays.

2) Throne of Wo - A shallow grid line reef in 35' of water. Pillar coral, a large variety of fish with an occasional shark.

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