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We attribute much of our success to our liveaboard crews. Crew members are special people! It takes an outgoing exceptional individual to live and work on the water and we think we have the best of the best on our boats!


Red Salmon

Captain Red, aka Michael, by his mother and teachers...was born to be at sea. Red has worked in the Bahamas since 1999 on the Sea Fever and joined the BB family in 2004. He is a great cook and loves all that is Bahamian. He hates being tied to the dock, prefers the waves and salt air any day. Red was born 200 years too late as he would have made an awesome pirate :-)!

First Mate, Dive Instructor

Tom Warhol

Tom grew up in Idaho in a log cabin in the middle of the Rocky Mountains right on the continental divide. He fell in love with diving when he was 12 and when he graduated from high school, he went straight to the keys to become an instructor! His favorite color is green and he likes hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, spearfishing, long walks on the beach and getting a great tan!He has worked his way up to first mate.


Nathan Riley

Nate came to Blackbeard's back in 2001 and worked his way up to Captain. He took a hiatus and ran supply boats to the gulf oil rigs for a while. In the meantime, he married and settled down in Belleview, FL. He recently returned to the gin clear waters of the Bahamas and we are glad!

First Mate

Byron Tippet

Byron is an outgoing, hard working and loves to Scuba! He has his skipper license in S Africa and is a surf instructor too. His hobbies include fire poi, surfing, scuba, and learning! You would never guess that he modeled underwear while in college for extra cash!

Dive Instructor

Carlis Harrell

Carlis is from Ozark, Alabama and spent his childhood in Panama City. He's been around boats his whole life. He became a commercial diver and then an instructor in 2010. He has a BA in History and an AS in Mixed Gas Theory. He loves to travel, and believe it or not used to be afraid to go underwater many years ago!


Wade Kumm

Wade was raised on a farm in Queenstown, S Africa. He has 5 siblings and love sports. he has a good sense of humor and enjoys a joke or two. By the looks of him now, you would never guess he was the shortest in his class growing up!

Dive Instructor

Samantha Poyenbroek

Sam is from England originally and has her degree in Marine Biology. She came to the Bahamas to do her instructor training, went out on Blackbeard's as a passenger and never left! She likes wakeboarding and diving.


Aileen Mckernan

Aileen graduated with a degree4 in Architecture and Design and then set off on a walk about of her own! she spent 7 months backpacking thru Europe and hitch-hiked to Istanbul and back! She loves to travel, dance, cook and surf.

Dive Instructor

Matt Crawford

Matt loves surfing, diving, music and the Denver Broncos! You would never guess that he is the bomb at Karaoke singing "we didn't start the fire" by the boss!


Tim Nielson

Tim loves to fish. He grew up in the Panhandle of Florida near the water at all times. He likes to try new things and his most recent hobby is lobster hunting, when in season! He is a carpenter and electrician by trade so the engineering on board is perfect for him!

Dive Instructor

Lauren Sparks

I've been working full time int eh dive industry for the past 6 years across Canada, the Caribbean and Australia. It prompted me to go back to school for Marine Biology to learn as much as I can about the ocean! My hobbies are scuba diving, traveling, yoga, camping and hiking...sailing and boating! You would never guess that I can eat 6 cupcakes with no guilt :-)!


Molly McKernan

As soon as I earned my degree from Iowa State University I moved to Maui and accidentally buried my journalism degree under surfboards and began working on boats. I love the pirate lifestyle because they don't judge me for being insane and because it takes me to beautiful places around the world where I have the pleasure of meeting amazing people from all walks of life. Work hard, play hard. I dream of one day sailing around the world with my little sister who I currently have the pleasure of working with here in the Bahamas. I have five lovely sisters, two parents, one niece, three nephews and one nephew on the way. Life is grand. hobbies- Surfing, sailing, surfing, hiking, cow tipping, writing, surfing, cooking, juggling and singing gangster music really loud, oh and surfing. You would never guess that in order to make gas money for the roadtrip back to Iowa I was a street performer playing the flute for a band in Chicago. It worked!

From time to time we have crew positions available as our crew gain experience and pursue their Captain's license. The experienced crew are then promoted to First Mate. Most of our Master's began their Balckbeard's career as a dive instructor, cook or engineer on our boats.

We initially hire crew who are enthusiastic, hard-working and have the skills, knowledge and ability to perform in one of these entry level positions: cook, current scuba instructor, or engineer. Cooks/Chefs must be able to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for 30 people. Dive instructors must be current in their certification with a recognized agency. Engineers must be mechanically inclined with mechanical experience. All the new crew run for a trial period as a deckhand. During this time new crew are trained in the boats emergency procedures, seamanship, mechanical systems and their specific job responsibilities to prepare them for their position.

If you are interested in applying for a crew position please click on the link to download our application. Applications can be scanned and emailed to or mailed to Blackbeard's Cruises 3700 Hacienda Blvd. Suite G Davie, FL. 33314.

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