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Bahamas Seasonal Water & Air Temperatures
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The following temperatures are averages and can vary depending upon weather especially in the winter. Water temperatures on the bank can change dramatically with changes in air temperatures and wind, while deeper offshore reefs are much more moderate. The wetsuit recommendations are for most people but some people will wear a 5mm wetsuit in the summer and others will dive without wetsuits in the winter. If you are making a lot of dives like you do on a scuba liveaboard, your body temperature will drop during the day meaning you will need a thicker wetsuit.

Average Temperatures Water Temperature Air Temperature Wetsuit Recommendation
January-February 72-77f/22-24c 70-80f/21-27c Full Wetsuit 5mm or thicker
March 73-77f/23-25c 70-85f/21-29c Full Wetsuit 5mm or thicker
April 75-79f/24-26c 75-90f/24-32c Shorty or Full Wetsuit
May 77-80f/25-27c 80-90f/27-32c Shorty or Full Wetsuit
June 79-81f/26-27c 80-90f/27-32c None required or skin
July-Sept 81-85f/27-29c 80-90f/27-32c None required or skin
October 79-82f/26-28c 75-90f/24-32c Skin or Shorty
November 77-80f/25-27c 70-85f/21-29c Shorty or Full Wetsuit
December 75-78f/24-26c 70-85f/21-29c Full Wetsuit 5mm or thicker

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